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Summer Camp Melita Island August 1st to 9th

Summer camp 2015

The troop will be attending summer camp at Melita Island August 1-9, 2015. If interested, please send a message to Brian.

Wondering about the years activities? Check the calendar for a listing of many of the activities.


Summer challenge. By the end of July, create a solar oven that has had three different improvements from the original design. The oven with the highest water temperature wins a gift certificate. Contact Sam for more details.


Are you interested in shooting off rockets, creating models, trying experiments, or other science activities? Do you like teaching engineering, technology, science, or math? BSA has a new program with real cool activities, projects, and awards. Please contact Brian if you are interested in both participating or helping lead the program.

Hiking Merit Badge

Enjoy hiking? The hiking merit badge is an optional Eagle required badge (swimming, cycling, or hiking). Part of the requirements are five continuous 10 mile hikes. Starting in April, this optional activity will begin with a hike in the foothills. These hikes will be designed to build endurance, complete the requirements, only take part of the day, and enjoy the outdoors. If you are interested, please send me a message. Families are welcome to join us but please be ready for some exercise and the outdoors.


Meeting and Schedule Overview


Event and Upcoming Camping Overview

*See calendar for detailed information


Working on Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class? Boy Scouts of America has on-line videos to help you learn the material. Click here to see requirements on-line for Tenderfoot

Medical forms. A follow-up  reminder. A message went out regarding medical form status to each Scout. Yearly, medical forms part A and C need to be filled out. Part B for any event greater than 72 hours. More information can be found [here]

Click here to download the BSA Medical Form



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